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IPB Systems

IPB systems ltd manufactures and supplies a panel prefabrication construction system known as structural insulated panels (SIPS). SIPS takes the place of traditional wood and light steel framing methods and is compatible with any design or architectural requirement for a wood structure. Panelized prefabrication is recognized by building experts to be superior construction method.

The technology behind IPB

The technology is proven to consistently provide faster site completions, high R-values and enhanced quality control products. The SIP system is pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and proven to be both simple and economical.

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Our Product Line

  • SIP Walls, Sip Roofs and SIP Floors
  • SIP Foundations (PWF/MGO)
  • SIP RIM Panel Boards
  • Insulated Headers and LVL RIP Boards
  • Insulated exterior Cladding
  • MGO Panel System, Wall and Cladding
  • Post and Beam, Timber Frame
  • Roof Truss and Floor Joist Systems
  • SIP Site Training and Supervision
  • Design, Engineering, Inspections
IPB Systems

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